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GIMP is a graphics manipulation software similar to Photoshop which lets you create, edit and work on images in general. GIMP has a full suite of painting tools such as the Brush, Pencil, Clone, Airbrush, etc. which should let you create new images from scratch as well as edit your own. The most recent version of GIMP includes layers, channels, masks, filters, effects, tabbed palettes, perspective clone, text tools, color operations and much much more which makes in comparable to the big boys of image editing such as Photoshop without the hefty price tag or subscription fees. GIMP is a completely free and open source application that is managed by volunteer developers that have been working very hard in order to create a well-polished and user-friendly image editing software. Download GIMP now, it’s 100% free!

 Download GIMP GIMP requires Windows Vista/7/XP SP2 or newer to run.


GIMP is really a multipurpose images manipulation bundle. The following is a comprehensive list of exciting features that GIMP has to offer.

Easy Interface Customization. Every task needs a variable environment.  GIMP enables you to personalize the behavior and vista of the interface. Beginning in a widget theme, you can change widget spacing, icon dimensions and colors or create a tool box with customized handy tools. The interface’s “docks” allow you to have them open in individual windows or group them in tabs. GIMP allows you to preview your artwork in a great full screen mode and at the same time do editing work when to maximize screen space usage.

Image RetouchingRetouching Digitally. Digital techniques for advanced retouching of photos are all in GIMP. With its new healing tool, you can get rid of unimportant details or touch up minor details easily with the. The orthogonal clone in the clone tool set is handy in cloning objects.

Enhancing Photos. By using GIMP digital photo flaws can be simply be done. When you choose the corrective mode within the transform tools perspective distortion triggered by lens tilt are fixed. A powerful filter with a simple interface eliminates lens vignette and barrel distortion.  Make your black and white photography stand out with a powerful and flexible built in channel mixer.

System Support. Get a unique support system for a number of out of the box input devices such as tilt and pressure sensitive pills, an array of MIDI or USB remotes. You are able to bind frequently-used actions to device occasions like moving a MIDI controller’s slider or rotating a USB wheel. Alter the opacity position or size of the brush when you apply paint or nestle your preferred scripts to buttons. Workflow speed runs to the max.

Format Files Support. The extendable support ranges from the GIF, JPEG (JFIF), TIFF and  PNG, to specific use formats like the multi-color-depth and multi-resolution Windows icon files. A plug-in allows architecture to increase GIMP’s format abilities. In the GIMP word press plugin registry, you’ll find some rare format support. The transparent virtual file system allows you to load and save files from remote locations utilizing SFTP/SSH, HTTP, FTP, as well as MS Windows shares and SMB protocols. Any format could be saved by having an archive extension like  GZ, BZ2 or ZIP that  transparently compress files without the need to do any more steps.

GIMP supports the following platforms:

  • FreeBSD
  • GNU/Linux (i386, PPC)
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Home windows (XP, Vista)
  • Sun OpenSolaris


GIMP has a built-in help system. You might want to install the assistance pages from the separate package (gimp-help), for the way your version of GIMP was packed. After you have begun this program, press F1 for context-sensitive help.

The consumer manual for GIMP 2.6 release comes in various languages like British, Nederlander, German, French, Korean, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish. Tutorials for beginners to pros are available at GIMP’s official website.

For Beginners

  • Use bezier curves from paths (Bezier Selections) like the GIMP Masters
  • Use GIMPLite Quickies for the graphics needs even with limited or no advanced computer graphics techniques know how. Available here are slightly modified and simple floating logo designs including the famous “GIMP Floating Logos” retrieved and saved from the original GIMP site to suit here. Even when you hate images of text on the internet, this tutorial provides you with a few of the fundamental layer manipulation techniques. Understanding GIMP apply to a lot of many imaging projects.
  • Use Quickmask to create a vignette of the photos
  • Use the Channel Dialog for Red- Eye removal
  • Use the selection tools to draw simple or complex shapes

For Intermediate Users

  • Alter background colors of your images and discover the magical qualities of color2alpha with Background Color 1.
  • Alter the background colour of your image and discover the magical qualities of Choose By Color with  Background Color 2
  • Create a dimensional box with gradients and bezier curves by using with Paths
  • Find out about animated brushes, gradients, and just how to create tileable images too with Tileable Textures
  • Learn a brand new mode with Film Grain and give your photos the film grain touch.
  • Learn to use GIMP’s layers as animation frames with Simple Animations.
  • Make custom brushes for your personalized GIMP with Custom Brushes.
  • Sketch anime style with Coloring A BW Sketch Color.
  • Use modes and curves to change your photo image right into a pen and ink watercolor-like image with Anti-Aliased Threshold

For Experts

  • “Patch” blown out highlights on your photos with GIMP Surgery
  • Advanced Animations Learn how to make an animation with GAP.
  • Combine different exposures of the same scene to increase dynamic range with Mixing Exposures by mixing different exposures of the identical scene.
  • Convert photos to black and white and restore color selectively with Selective Colorization
  • Decrease problem contrast in photos with Contrast Mask.
  • For Photo Editing
  • GIMP’s Image Pipes can perform a lot of function to Make GIMP Image Pipes Rank and Dimension.
  • Improve your photo right into a nice sketch or painting with Photo to Sketch.
  • Improve your photo right into a normal sketch with Sketch Effect.
  • Increase saturation and give a “dreamy” feel for your photos with Gaussian Blur Overlays
  • Learn the fundamentals about using GAP, GIMP Animation Package by using GAP (GIMP Animation Package).
  • Learn to lessen the CCD Noise in photos with Reducing CCD Noise
  • Learn to make an animation with GAP Advanced Animations.
  • Make beautiful golden text and find out about the curves dialog along with other color options using Golden Text
  • Much more choices for pipe creation are available with Make GIMP Image Pipes 2.
  • Place it altogether and work your GIMP such as the masters do with Draw A Fresh paint Brush.
  • Produce a nice sepia photo from color images with Sepia Firming
  • Sharpen images making noise less noticeable with “Smart” Sharpening
  • Transform color images to black and white with Color2BW.
  • Use GIMP to create nice icons to create Symbols or icons with Creating Icons.
  • Use selective Gaussian blur to get rid of CCD Noise in photos with CCD Noise removal


  • Get the image in position with the aid of tables and Perlotine.
  • Use GIMP to produce a nice image map with Image Map.

Script Authoring

  • GIMP Script-Fu 2 Write More Scheme for GIMP.
  • GIMP Script-Fu Write Scheme for GIMP.
  • Learn about a fundamental instruction about batch mode and GIMP with GIMP Batch Learn about the methods to debug your gimp-perl scripts with GIMP-Perl Debugged
  • Learn to write simple perl scripts while using gimp-perl module (GNU/Linux customers only) with the Fundamental GIMP Perl
  • Mode.
  • Understand what a “drawable” is and exactly what a picture is and is not or at have the ability to have a good guess about the subject working With The Image Before You Script.


Gimp 2.6
Software: Gimp 3.6

Description: Free and Open Source Image Manipulating Software
The application provides professional tools that can stand against the big boys without the hefty price tag. Even the installation process has gotten simpler, with no need to download and install the GTX Runtime Environment separately. Extremely powerful and easy to work with, GIMP is ideal for both amateur and pro photographers, Web designers, or anyone who wants to create and edit professional-quality digital images on a budget. (

Version: 3.6 Price: Free
Language: English Compatible with: WinXP/Win7/Vista
Software: GIMP Review By: Seth Rosenblatt
Category: Image Editing Software Rating: 5/5

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