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How to Make Beautiful Skies with GIMP

You can create skies and make them pop with a few easy tweaks in GIMP so long as you take your photographs thoughtfully the renowned open-source image editor can help . These tweaks are also a great introduction to some of GIMP’s more advanced features such as layer modes, layers and layer masks. When taking

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How To Add Gimp Plugins

GIMP is one of the most sophisticated photo editors and graphics programs available for your use. GIMP is free to download and offers a vast array of complex features waiting for you to explore. Discover GIMP’s full potential by downloading powerful GIMP Scripts and Plugins. Also known as “add-in”, “plug-on”, “add-on”, “snap-on” or “snap-in”, a

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GIMP vs Photoshop

Modern technology and digital photography has transformed our lives providing us with a chance to sit behind a personal computer and become your own image editor using the publishing process. But it isn’t that easy, as you find several programs to modify your pictures with, like in Photoshop. Today, there’s an obvious cutting edge rival

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