GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is freely distributed software for creating and adjusting manipulating graphic images, such as image authoring, image composition and photo retouching. It works in many languages and operates on Linux, windows Mac OS X and other Unix-based operating systems. GIMP is distributed under certification terms based on the GNU project.

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GIMP requires Windows Vista/7/XP SP2 or newer to run.

GIMP has majority of the similar features as other amateur and professional software for photo-editing with histograms levels for modifying contrast colors, tools for retouching and getting rid of or adding particulars around the picture, getting rid of “red-eye”, simulating colors and objects, adjusting photograph flaws, for example, perspective distortion and barrel distortion. Additionally, it employs tools for modifying the image and quality and transforming photos to white and black.

Many digital camera models and film scanning devices include some elementary type of photo-editing software, which might be sufficient to your requirements, but should you need additional features and control, a far more advanced tool, for instance Adobe Illustrator Elements, the industry cut-lower version from the full professional Illustrator, would be needed. GIMP is the free version you will ever need. Forget about other costly versions when you can do it on GIMP absolutely free.

When retouching an image, an array of various kinds of brush, clone tool and pencil airbrush could be selected in the menu that is simple to use not to mention text associated with the size may be included with the photograph. When your preferred paintbrush does not exist, you can customize a brush designed to your specs. You are able to zoom in and find out exclusive pixels for fine tune retouching. You will find also mixing and gradient tools to hasten the entire process of creating your projects making them look natural with multiple choices of tools with numerous shapes. Different layers and channels will also be supported for additional complex image manipulation.

Probably the most helpful tool obtainable in GIMP may be the levels tool, often used to regulate the pitch-dark and least heavy regions of the image and also the total brightness, that improves the contrast as well as transform an image effortlessly and rapidly. Many pictures are going to be enhanced applying this along with the greater complex curves tool or among the automated tools in the menu of colors.

Likewise, the crop tool may be required for enhancing the structure of the picture and also the tool scale image for altering the amount of pixels. Within the menu filters, you will find a sizable filters choice that may be put on the image to enhance, blur, add noise distort and much more. Probably the most generally used would most likely function is the Enhance/Sharpen, Enhance/Un-sharp, Mask options or the Enhance/Red Eye Removal. The sharpen tools may be utilized to enhance the rims of objects to provide the result of best focus with assorted adjustable parameters for that preferred amount and effect of sharpening.

Majority of image format files are supported by GIMP which includes GIF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG and photos of one format can be written out in and read in some other format and vice versa. If much alteration has been applied to the file, an execution in an xcf format is done, including generated extra layers and all modifications stored, so that projects can be undone or continued in later sessions. The file can also be compressed and executed as minimal sized, ready for publishing, jpeg online or printing.

GIMP, with the latest version 2.4.7, is programmed intended for free libraries with Linux. For Apple Mac users, installing is a bit more complex and only supports OS X 10.0 and newer versions. Apples are Unix based called Darwin requiring the X11 protocol windowing before you can install GIMP.

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