Frequently Asked Questions

What should i do in order to get Python scripts to operate?

  • You need to install Python (by GIMP 2.6.4, both Python 2.6 and 2.5 are supported), PyGTK, PyCairo and PyGObject. Should you just plan to use Python scripts from inside GIMP, there’s you don’t need to install GTK individually.
  • Should you have installed GIMP before setting up Python, PyCairo, PyGObject and PyGTK, repeat running the GIMP installer to set up the GIMP Python components.

How do i alter the interface language GIMP is applying?

GIMP uses the default language that is defined inside your regional configurations or settings in the control panel of Windows. If you’d like the GIMP to make use of another language, you’ve two options:

  • If you’d much like GIMP to stay in British, the simplest way to do this is to un-install it, then repeat running the installer, choose Personalized setup, and uncheck Translations around the Components page. Without translations, GIMP will invariably register in British.
  • If you need GIMP to look in a certain other language, you have to set the atmosphere variable LANG towards the code from the language you want to use. You can observe the supported language codes by visiting share locale subfolder (typically C: Program FilesGIMP-2) within the folder where GIMP is installed. Observe that not every translations are complete, to get a mixture of British and your selected language.

I am obtaining the procedure access point libintl_snprintf couldn’t be situated within the dynamic link library intl.dll after i attempt to use plug-ins or run GIMP. How do you repair it?

Some damaged application (frequently among HP’s logon enhancement programs) placed personal files named intl.dll for your WindowsSystem32 directory or Windows. GIMP should work fine if you re-label it. Report any problem this will cause along with other programs to the program maker – intl.dll doesn’t belong in System32 directory.

GIMP shows the content Pango-ERROR **: file shape.c line 75 > (pango_shape): assertion unsuccessful: (glyphs->num_glyphs > ) so when I click OK, it crashes. What must i do?

You can choose from two options:

  • Visit Start?Configurations?User Interface?Show qualities?Apperance tab(?Advanced if you are on Home windows XP/2003), and hang all fonts to Tahoma (or other TrueType font).
  • Un-install GTK then re-do the installation with no GTK-Wimp component.

Can GIMP be distributed on the magazine cover Compact disc?

  • Yes, it may, but to fulfill the GNU Public License needs, you need to supply the source code to GIMP.

How can i find some manuals/ lessons for GIMP?

You can start using the documentation page.

GIMP seems to hold while loading fonts. What’s happening?

It may be the first time you are running GIMP and might be indexing your fonts. Wait for couple of minutes to let it finish.

After I run GIMP, (MS-DOS box) console window opens and shows some messages. When I close try to close this window, GIMP shuts, too. What must i do?

Minimize your window and just don’t mind it, as the majority of the alerts it shows are no danger; GIMP will still function.

Why is my anti-virus claiming that the installers are infected?

This may be because its definitions are damaged. Inform the seller concerning the problem and wait a couple of days until up-to-date definitions are out.

I am getting a cryptic error message about missing records in DLL files after trying to run GIMP. What is leading to this? Loading GIMP is okay after running it, but crashes when double-clicking personal files . What’s leading to this?

Normally, this is triggered by damaged programs setting up libraries to WindowsSystem32 directory. Probably there is a bad version of xmlparse.dll, intl.dll, libxml2.dll, or xmltok.dll inside. Re-label or take it off and reloading would do just fine.

Does GIMP have scanner support?

Yes. It’s on Windows and uses TWAIN, as well as on GNU/Linux you actually have a choice between XSane and gnome-scan – both can be used GIMP plug-ins. You can get more information from the SANE project.

Can GIMP install its very own color map?

Yes it can. Uncheck the line that includes install-color map in either your personal gimprc file or the system-wide gimprc file.

Will I need an X server to operate in batch mode?

Yes, you need some type of X server (unless of course you are running Windows, obviously). It requires an X server for image processing, as well as for font manipulation. However, if you want to operate in batch mode, you are able to run having a special, frame-buffer-less X server known as Xvfb, which does not need a graphics card or wreak havoc on your screen:

Xvfb :1 -screen  10x10x8 -pixdepths 1 & gimp –display :1. –no-interface –batch “instructions” The very first command begins the special X server the second reason is a good example of how you can invoke GIMP in batch mode. When you’re done using GIMP by doing this for some time, get rid of Xvfb therefore it does not waste system assets. Should you be prepared to use GIMP by doing this a great deal, you might like to leave Xvfb running for better response time. You can examine the guy page for Xvfb(1) for other available choices, for example whether or not to use shared memory.

Does GIMP use high-level graphics procedures for its opertions?

No it does not and could not. GIMP does use SSE and MMX low-level instructions. Any profit from greater-level instructions would finish up being swamped by needing to push pixels backwards and forward towards the graphics card, but we would like to be proven wrong .

What type of system should i run GIMP?

Any system able to running KDE 3.2, Gnome 2, Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and later versions should have the ability to run GIMP. GIMP’s greatest appeal is perfect for memory and just how much you need will rely on the number of images you’re dealing with, their resolution, size, the amount of layers you utilize and so forth. Typically, more is much better, but 128MB ought to be enough to start with.

Exactly what does the near future hold?

Version 5.8 would bring a combined Transform tool (Rotate, Scale, Switch, Shear, and Perspective, more utilization of Cairo for beautiful anti-aliased graphics and much more usability enhancements. We’ll also make GIMP use much more of GEGL, namely for projection (all you see inside a visible stack of layers). This is another key to version 3., that will bring lengthy asked for features like support for 16  bits per funnel and adjustment layers, to title a couple of.

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