GIMP vs Photoshop

Modern technology and digital photography has transformed our lives providing us with a chance to sit behind a personal computer and become your own image editor using the publishing process. But it isn’t that easy, as you find several programs to modify your pictures with, like in Photoshop. Today, there’s an obvious cutting edge rival to Photoshop known as GIMP, an open source software program that’s very much like Photoshop but has a lot more to offer.

The most significant advantage, GIMP has over Photoshop is that it is free of charge to download and install. While Photoshop costs up to 700USD for any single license, GIMP saves you all that money which you can use for other materials and equipment you may have in your priority list.

GIMP is really much more compact software that is easy to install, being approximately twenty times more compact than Photoshop. In addition to being compact, installation is a simple and speedy process. It occupies much less hard disk which makes it an ideal image editing software for those using laptops and netbook computers where hard disk space might be limited and confined.

Photoshop is very resource intensive as it operates on older hardware and may not be enhanced to perform well and will also be sluggish and slow. GIMP on the other hand is very fast and stable. It can be installed on nearly any hardware running Mac, Microsoft Windows as well as Unix.

Gimp is easier to use even for beginners. Photoshop was really produced as a bit of software meant for graphics and professional photo editing and not just digital photo editing. For this reason, it comes loaded with features most of which are not essential in photographs editing. GIMP’s physical layout from the screen is comparable to those of Photoshop, but is versatile and can also be easy to customize to suit your needs.

GIMP is based on free architecture which means that anybody can customize the core code and develop additional features and plug-ins, even without seeking approval from Adobes’ team of developers.

Batch processing through automated actions is way superior in GIMP. Because photography enthusiasts frequently have to do repeatable actions to large categories of images, this feature alone is definitely valuable and may be worth a fortune.

You can open, edit and save Photoshop’s native PSD extendable with GIMP. For instance, if you are editing for another person using Photoshop to begin the task, GIMP is capable of continuing the task because it is really designed to function for the extendable.

GIMP is not just free to download, install and employ. You can enjoy the software extensively with free upgrades not like in Photoshop where upgrades can cost you a couple of hundred dollars for every  upgrade that normally takes you several weeks to acquire.

GIMP replicates the look and feel of Photoshop as well as easy keyboard cutting corners. You will find several tutorial sites targeted at ordering and skinning GIMP to completely replicate the Photoshop. Chances are you have been using Photoshop for quite a while now and you may not be comfortable shifting to a GIMP platform. No problem at all as you can manipulate GIMP to simulate Photoshop’s layout according to your specs, if that’s what you’re accustomed to using.

To push GIMP to minimalistic entity is really an amazing innovation. GIMP is now portable. A transportable version can be obtained to strain on your USB thumb drive that allows you to edit programs on anyone’s computer, anytime and anywhere you desire. This is most convenient for user’s who are literally always on the run and shuttling from one workplace to another on a very tight schedule.

GIMP is really the best choice if you are looking for a picture editing software. This free open source application can bring you much more professional looking images that can be in parity with famous photography icons’ published works in leading magazines worldwide.  GIMP is definitely one of the many popular and open-source Photoshop alternative options as well as most likely the very first choice for a lot of people who cannot afford expensive exclusive software program. With the resources, technical support and benefits you get from GIMP, it’s most certainly worth acquiring and keeping for the rest of professional image editing career life.

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